“I’ve Got The Next Dance”

Dad slogged his way through traffic around Ellisburg Circle, merging relentlessly, albeit cautiously, and taking the turn off Brace Road past Jack Kellmer Jewelers and Pathmark.

I got out of the car and strode into the house as my sister Patty walked into the living room with a stack of disco records. “You ready to practice? Arlene is picking me up at 8:30 sharp and I’ve got to work on the Hot Chocolate. You game?” My sister had no idea how I had daydreamed of that question all week. Since “Makin’ It” had debuted on TV, I had only one fantasy: getting to dance with the gorgeous hunk, David Naughton! The only way that would happen is if I practiced my moves, so I fished through the pile of records and handed Patty the K-Tel “Disco Fire” compilation and away we went! As we perfected the Beat 11, step back with right foot and transfer weight, my mind drifted off to later that night…
The Maserati pulled up to Cherry Hill’s #1 night spot, Someplace Else, around midnight. I quickly combed my feathered hair once more in the mirror as the enticing smell of David’s Stetson cologne adorning his Oscar de La Renta shirt gave me nervous giggles. As he held the door open for me, Diana Ross was purring away on “Love Hangover,” beckoning us through the disco’s door. All the girls screamed as we walked to the front of the line as V.I.P.s always do. David flashed his smile and in we went, no cover for these stars! Soon we took to the dance floor as the Love Unlimited Orchestra blared loudly and the seas parted. As David lifted me high in a daring, difficult maneuver, the crowds cheered and we were a sensation! Holding a dishtowel and shrieking, Mom stomped into the living room saying, “I asked you a question! Do you want hot dogs or spaghetti for dinner?? What is it, hot shot?”