“Hello Again”

I grew up in a Family that appreciated music. Both my sister and My Mom played piano very well and My Dad would often lead the Family in the evenings through sing-a-longs to Broadway standards and soft rock. John Denver, Streisand and the songs from “Annie” were always a big hit. Towards the end of My Dad’s life, karaoke became popular. Well, My Dad, Lane, couldn’t have been more thrilled! A number of times, I met up with him and his buddies crooning away at some dive bar somewhere near the Jersey Shore. Now, Lane had a very special style of singing. He never bothered to learn the words to any song and would often make up his own words. Or, he would sing in a “Rat Pack” inspired way by mumbling the words about a measure or two late. Nothing beat listening to Lane warble his way through “What I Did For Love” or “People”. Lane was a true showman who cared less for notes and relied on his charisma to sell the song. In life, he thought outside the box, not always hitting home runs, but when he did, he hit it right out of the park. He’s been gone now 30 years today. Wherever you are, Lane, keep on smiling!