“Brass In Pocket”

In the glory days of Locust Bar karaoke, around 2003, a primo cast of hams, show offs and their admirers filled the smokey bar with laughter and song. Among them was the full figured beauty known as Sarah M. Sarah dug singing The Rolling Stones “Start Me Up”, The Pretenders “Brass In Pocket” and The Eagles “Heartache Tonight”. Her laughter was infectious and her charisma unbridled. She filled my heart and soul with joy and never let an argument end without seeing your side by saying, “point taken”. She was always up for a party and enjoyed doing “The Bump” with Mikko and his bony hips. We performed together for a number of years in The Dumpsta Players where she originated the role of Lurlayne, a Southwest Philly guttersnipe with a voice as loud and shrill as a dentist’s drill. She was even voted Miss PromTrash 2002! She married Ian in 2013 and they planned to move to South Africa when she was suddenly stricken with cancer. We lost her way too soon. Today would be her 47th birthday. Miss you dear….let’s get Chinese soon!