“People Are Still Having Sex”

Miss Patty plopped her bumblebee yellow turban on her head as she waved goodbye in a fair thee well swan song laughing loudly into the night. The ACTUP benefit at the 1318 Space had been a huge success although the sweltering 100 degrees heat and high humidity we could have done without. Joey and I swilled our last swallows of Jack Daniels and emptied into Walnut Street with the other inebriated partygoers. We had a scant 8 minutes to dash for the 2:21AM Patco train off to Collingswood. We heard the roar of the approaching train as we fed our ticket into the gate and whisked downstairs. Through my intoxicated glassy eyes, the skyscrapers’ lights twinkled and danced as I admired their hypnotic glow. I must have dozed off as I missed the Ferry Avenue stop and now, Joey was helping me off the train to crash at his place. As the second gulp of coffee began to take effect, I inspected Joey’s apartment, his various loud costume pieces & self-created painting of “Where The Wild Things Are”. Des’ree’s “You Gotta Be” was purring in the background as Joey and I reviewed this evening’s pranks, especially those dares involving the outrageous Miss Patty. We laughed so hard we cried. A piercing siren from the fire company broke the mood. In a moment of outright seriousness, Joey barked, “You know the Fire Department could never know I am gay, or worse yet, have HIV. They’d never put my house out if it was on fire.” His left eye twitched and I surveyed his hair’s bleach blonde roots to see if he was bluffing. He wasn’t. I reached out for him and gave him a big bear hug as he sobbed uncontrollably.