“Touch Me In The Morning”

I hurriedly ran up tree lined Queen Lane and into the house we called home. I leapt for the tv as my favorite Japanese anime cartoon, Marine Boy, was starting. I was fascinated by Marine Boy’s aspergum which allowed him to breathe under water. I often imagined a tea party I would host featuring Marine Boy, Aquaman and Aqua Lad, and from Speed Racer, Spraidel & Chim Chim, the goofy boy and his monkey, respectively. I wouldn’t dare invite Speed Racer or Racer X as they surely would be busy souping up their race cars. Afternoon cartoons like Marine Boy and Speed Racer must have been drawn by the same illustrator as their boyish faces looked nearly identical. As I filled a bowl with Captain Crunch, I realized Mom was in the basement sifting through laundry baskets. She called my name, and I screamed back a hello as I shifted gears and high tailed it up to Mom & Dad’s bedroom. She had left her am radio tuned to 610 W-I-P, and Diana Ross was launching into her big hit, “Touch Me In The Morning”. I’m not sure what came over me. Within seconds, I was digging into Mom’s clothes closet and emerged in a maroon dress with a big sun hat and pearls just in time to belt out,
“If I’ve got to be strong don’t you know I need to have tonight When you’re gone, till you go I need to…lie here and Think about the
last time You’ll touch me in the morning…”
That’s when I realized Mom was watching from the doorway, mouth agape. I ran to her & dramatically grabbed her by the arm, and then…just walked away. I think Mom knew even then I was “different”.