As I pulled into the mud encrusted parking lot of the scintillating Fantasy Showbar, I spotted a fading sign belonging to the now shuttered Pennsauken Mart. Scott nervously flipped through his flash cards hoping to memorize the scant one-liners we had written in hopes of capturing the judges attention and the $200 cash prize. It had been less than a week since Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman had been arrested for lascivious conduct at an adult book store in Florida and Scott & I jumped at the chance to win the Pee Wee Herman Look-A-Like Contest judged by the very strippers that worked there. With trepidation, I put the dented volkswagen rabbit in park and and we sauntered into the greasy establishment. Amidst the aroma of a cloroxed gym locker, we surveyed the decaying room. There were four burly trucker types drinking Schlitz beers at the bar and a couple of wide-eyed college kids probably underage lewdly pointing at one of the exotic dancers. My eyes darted to the left and there was Morgan, shimmering in a one-piece red jumpsuit, a seductress of the highest order. She beckoned us over and told us we had the win in the bag as there were only two other entries which had failed to show up and the judges had already noticed Scott’s perfecto Pee Wee look, complete with a boyish yet devilish face of makeup. The DJ pressed play & the sounds of the party song,“Tequila”, filled the room as Scott jumped on the stage, gyrating in his red bow tie and borrowed 70’s era platform shoes. As the music played off, all six of the working girls gave a standing ovation, hooting and screaming and whistling. Morgan strutted over and counted out $200 cash. Scott was such a hit and, this month, we were sure to pay the rent on time.