“Murder On The Dance Floor”

Meri stroked her hair and finished her cigarette as we were finally ready to venture forth to local straight-friendly gay bar, Lost & Found. Mikko would meet us there after his work shift at R-Kioski. The late August night chill had settled in and, having already downed two Finlandia vodka cokes at the commune on Mariankatu, Meri and I were feeling good. Hrundt, that crazy artist girl from Iceland with the hit exhibition across town at a little gallery in Punavuori, was meeting us there. Apparently, making art combined with the dual topics of Madonna the singer and Madonna The Virgin Mary gave her just the boost in controversy to create a huge buzz. When I first came to Helsinki in 1999, I thought Finns were super odd people. Not rude, just solemn and eerily quiet. Then I met Hrundt from Reykavik and Finns seemed quite normal. Hrundt had an otherworldly quality, a glint in her eye somewhere between kid in a candy store and psychopath. We hopped on the tram and soon we were waiting in a short line at Lost and Found. The crowd was gorgeous, decked out in retro finery, glimmering with sea air burnt into their suntanned skin. Once inside, the dancefloor was bumping to Darude’s “Sandstorm”, homegrown Finnish techno with an undeniable pop flavor. Meri and I instinctively turned to each other as the opening bars of “Murder On The Dance Floor” began. This was our song we used to clear the floor in “Charlie’s Angel’s” formation. Greek Sanna joined us as we shot our guns of love at other attractive dancers. Now it was 4 am and we were all a bit spent. Hrundt popped over to the bar desk where we were contemplating our next drink. She loudly queried, “Have you ever tried Russian Cocaine?” Not being much into illegal substances, I winced at the thought of it, and yet part of me thought, when in Helsinki….  I sorta shrugged and said “sure…” I thought maybe next we would go the the toilet or some other covert location when Hrundt loudly called for the bartender. 2 shots of vodka, coca cola and a lemon with coffee grinds on it-that’s Russian Cocaine! We all had a nice laugh 🙂