“Spinning Wheel”

Joey & I patiently waited for the PATCO train at Collingswood station as Joey continued to quote lines from “A Color Purple”. Dramatically turning and directing the line inches from my face, Joey blurted, “You showww is ugly!” We laughed so hard we fell on the ground.

Just then, the train pulled into the station and we whizzed over the Ben Franklin Bridge to another Friday Night at The Blue Parrot with Michael Ogborn, just voted “Best of Philly 1992” Cabaret Performer. We sang Petula Clark’s “Downtown” the whole way up 13th Street, carefully avoiding a backed up sewer at the corner of Chancellor, the pungent smell of waste wafting all the way to Woody’s door.
All the usual suspects were there, including Mr. Wilkins and “Coatcheck” Connie. Miss Brenda was in the midst of a bravura performance of Oleta Adams “Get Here”, lip synching while Michael sang live in the microphone. Michael starting playing AM Gold for the “SeventiesFest” portion of the evening and, next thing you know, Bill was deftly delivering “Rapper’s Delight” by Sugarhill Gang as all were amazed. Soon, Joey & I formed a chorus line of queens hitting our pose for Madonna’s “Vogue” as Michael just cackled loudly over the mic. For just a moment, the world’s problems melted away and we were all free from harm, and 1992.