February’s wicked wind blew through my tight floodwater cords, raising goose flesh on my skinny 14 year old legs. I had been cast in my first high school musical as chorus in “Music Man”,not bad for a freshman. Rehearsal for “Wells Fargo Wagon” went over a bit and I just missed the 6:30 bus back home. Mom sent Tony to pick me up, and I nervously shivered while waiting in front of school, noticing that my jacket was really too light for this weather. Just past the administrative parking, I heard Morgan’s familiar giggle as she jumped in the front seat of senior MarkDenning’s Chevy Malibu, waving frantically at me as they sped off blaring LedZeppelin’s “Black Dog”; her wave was at once a bragging moment but also a cry of disaffected youth as the wave turned into a middle finger.To my left, Dave Wilkins was unpacking his camera equipment as he was in the midst of shooting his short film, “Mucus Man”, disgust sneering at me, the theatre fag, as he sauntered by.A loud screech of brakes on rubber announced Tony’s arrival as he came roaring through the high school parking lot. He increased the car speed to what seemed like 60 to make a frighteningly grand entrance. Again, the alarming sound of his Toyota 4X4 pick up truck, shiny, new, red, and daring me to step inside, as it braked and landed just inches from Crystal Washington, her shriek bringing a menacing grin to Tony’s face, his brow percolating with sweat. Tony was atypical burnout dude, a senior with long hair, a dark moustache, and danger in his eyes. “Get in”, he bluntly blurted. Only seconds after my pants hit the seat, he gunned it, and we were flying down the road, whisking further away from school, Yes’ “Roundabout” accompanying our ride. I held on to the passenger door handle as he passed car after car on the two lane residential streets of the suburbs, smoke from his Parliament cigarettes fuming in the air.We arrived at my home, and Tony growled, “get out”. I burst from the bright red beast, popped back to the frosty air and Tony sped away. I wondered whether he would live through his senior year….