“65 Love Affair”

Papagallo’s was the local pizza joint hangout in high school. They had a Centipede video game and we always crowded around it in the afternoons. My bestie for 10th grade was Pam and we loved eating pizza slices and sipping on Mountain Dew. She would occasionally slip some vodka in, but I always avoided the booze. I was basically a good kid, even though I was always told I had an inferiority complex. Maybe it was just the trauma of being a middle child of five, too old to be the baby and too young to be trusted. 
One of the ways I kept my sanity in those teen years was listening to the radio. We were mostly tuned into Hot Hits 98. They had a great mix of new wave and pop/rock with some cheese thrown in for kicks. 
Pam & I and sometimes Miriam would hole up in the basement and do lip synch shows for each other. There was one song I was really into for a spell, mostly cause it was so hokey. “65 Love Affair”.
Having been born in 1965, I imagined myself as the topic of the song, you know, like it was written FOR ME. Pam and Miriam would back me up on the cheerleader chorus section, as if we were anything approaching the popular kids. Pimples, a painfully skinny frame and a lack of heavy metal knowledge kept me out of the cool kids club. All in all, it was a great way to wile away the hours and pretend we weren’t getting closer to eventual adulthood. I wanted to stay 15 as long as possible.
After college, I drove by Papagallo’s and saw that it had become a Chinese restaurant. I imagined my entire childhood slipping away…..