When the Atlantic City Casino Commission came to the Student Center of Glassboro State College to canvas for part time cage cashier jobs starting at $12.00 per hour, I was quickly in line and found myself commuting on weekends during the summer for a job at one of the big casinos. This was 1986, and there was still a lot of the old Atlantic City left, including a late, late, late night culture of discos and bar hopping that continued until 7:30 AM! I would finish work at 4am and head over to The Saratoga where the disco was full and bumping. Amidst the backdrop of the ever present AIDS epidemic, there was a cross section of LGTB life including butch dykes, transgender folks, nelly queens and butch straight acting and appearing gym rats. My casino manager friend, John, often swished on in to the festivities half tilt, having already started the party elsewhere. The music was a mix of latin freestyle, NRG, Top 40 and disco classics like “I Will Survive”. My college buds often met me there for partying as most of us young-ins rarely had to actually buy a drink, since the Twinkie college set was in high demand. I often danced with an older disco era woman, Roxanne, who was a straight woman who loved gay men. Roxanne and I were swilling back rum and cokes when I was approached by a mid 20s blonde guy who introduced himself as Ron. As it was the 80s, we exchanged phone numbers but Ron also asked for my mailing address. I complied and went on my merry way. A few days later, an envelope appeared at my apartment addressed to “Obsession”. I never saw Ron again, but we did write cryptic letters to one another for 6 months. Imagine all the effort one went through pre-internet just to meet guys and have fun….after all, he was my “Obsession”…..