“Planet Rock”

Every 16 year old yearns for an escape from the humdrum life of high school classes and family boredom and this miserable gay kid was no exception. The school musicals were a great distraction as I loved the theatre and weekends were full with pumping gas at My Dad’s Arco station, but there was a void in my life-the need to get out and mingle-and dance! The teen dance options were few and far between but my best friend Jenn & I managed to find one really promising event in Cherry Hill-California East. This was a well promoted regional teen dance on Friday nights that went from 8pm to midnight once a month. There was always a line to get in and it seemed like they could fit 1,000 people in there! After a few months of attending, Jenn & I planned on entering the dance contest for a cash prize for the winners.
We were both super nervous as the couple before us took their turn in the solo spotlight.
Jenn & I mirrored each other in matching black & white pants and Jenn had diddly boppers on her head for a spaced out effect. The crowd cheered as the last couple waved and smiled as they ended and we were up. “Planet Rock” started blaring out of the speakers and we jumped right into robot mode. We kicked it out channeling C3PO and a little bit of Twiggy from Buck Rogers. When the judging was over, we came in second place! We were so thrilled and a mass of enthused fans charged us. While chatting with some of them, one particular fellow from Haddonfield seemed really interested in us, or was he interested in me?
I was still so unsure of my sexuality that I let the moment pass, but the mental note had been made. Perhaps next time, I’ll be brave enough to get a phone number.