“Twilight Zone”

It’s 1992 & Saturday night in Philly as DJ Robbie Tronco is set to unleash another bumping set of house and techno on the coolest scene of clubgoers at The Trocadero. Tonight, Raven is in from Jersey and we are preening in the mirror of my bathroom listening to Crystal Waters. Of course, gossip is the call of the night as we wonder if that new hot guy Tom will be out tonight and also if Ish will manage to run off with another drag queen’s wig like last week. It was such a scandal and that drag queen was not pleased. As we arrive at The Trocadero, the bouncers signal us to the front of the line as we are V.I.P.s, so naturally we are on the guest list.
When inside, all the names are there…..Zita, Matt & Ross…. I would swear Zita is barely 18 but you’d never know by the way she dresses and carries herself……tonight, she’s wearing a faux fur jacket with a short dark wig and vampire pale makeup hinted by a feathery sort of cap with a splash of color. And those heels! Cloggy sort of Deee-lite type 70s action, so fashionable! I’ve got my biker jacket and gold fluorescent Doc Maarten boots on topped with a psychedic polyester disco top and hot pants and Raven is super mod in a flowing one piece dress and headband ala Twiggy. Midnight strikes and the show begins as a spaceship lands onstage and multitudes of drag queens begin stepping out of it. The 200 plus crowd cheers as they make their way into the spotlight, each dressed more outrageously then the next. The drag sci fi cult flick, “Vegas In Space” has made it’s mark on drag culture and we have truly stepped into the Twilight Zone! Encore une fois!