“Whenever I Call You Friend”

The day the cast list went up for any high school spring musical was always a day of reckoning. “My Fair Lady” was sure to be the biggest, best extravaganza our school ever saw, and my being a lowly sophomore, just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Finally, after pushing through the crowd of drama geeks screeching with delight over their assigned roles, I saw my fate: 2nd Cockney. Well, at least I had a solo singing line! A few feet away, I saw Jenn. She had just gotten cast as Mrs Hopkins. Wow! A junior and her part actually has a name….she must be cool, I thought. We started having lunch together after that, 4th period, a bit early for my tummy as it started at 11:15 already. Jenn & I became fast friends, enjoying our cafeteria mystery meat over Sci-Fi conversations about Star Trek or maybe “Logan’s Run” or even this week’s episode of “Little House On The Prairie”. A new girl started sitting with us who seemed cool, CrisLynne. In those days, you really only needed a couple dollars for lunch, so we carried little in our wallets. Still, after a few weeks, Jenn started noticing that a dollar seemed to be missing from her purse after she returned from the lunch line. We were both perplexed and devised a plan to get to the bottom of this. One late February day, Jenn entered as she always does, dropped her books and purse, and walked the 20 feet to get her lunch, but I stayed back, watching her wallet intently. Sure enough, CrisLynne approached and brazenly stole a dollar from her purse! The audacity! Well, needless to say, Jenn confronted her, red handed, and CrisLynne was busted. And that, my dear ones, was the start of a life long friendship. Long live the meek for they shall inherit the queendom and throw all the shade!