“Sex (I’m A…”

Senior year of college was tough, mostly because I split with my older boyfriend who graduated the year before me and he went off to find fame and fortune as an actor. My college roommate John-Michael & I were left to fend for ourselves. Lucky for us, Sioux, spelt like Siouxsie Sioux of The Banshees, transferred to Glassboro State that Fall. This girl was ballsy and kept us laughing til we spit soda across the room! She hailed from the Jersey shore and really knew how to party. Once, when attending Junior class’s production of “Twelfth Night”, five girls were in our assigned seats. Well, the theatre was packed, so I prepared to read these gals for filth and get our seats back. But Sioux insisted she handle it and proceeded to point at the girls and proclaim, “B-I-T-C-H you’re in our seats, MOVE!” The girls promptly jumped up and ran. By far my fav move ever by Sioux, however, was surprising us all at a party after she had transferred to another school. John-Michael and I had been imbibing quite a bit and were feeling really good when came a rap upon the door. Well, it was a nun-Terri Nunn, lead singer of Berlin, to be exact. Sioux concocted a crazy traditional nun’s outfit with sunglasses and proceeded to strip tease into a way hot new waver ala Berlin lead singer,Terri Nunn! Well, I ask you, does it get any hotter than that??!!?!