“Never Knew Love Like This Before”

I wouldn’t exactly call my dad cheap, but let’s just say, he knew how to stretch a dollar. We used to refer to dad as a “wheeler dealer”, a person who manages to convince a bunch of strangers he’s a player, even if his wallet is sorely lacking. Being from a blue collar middle class background with five kids, Dad did his best to show us kids a good time. Once he was able to secure tickets to Stephanie Mills at The Latin Casino. It was once a thriving live music venue on Route 70 in Cherry Hill, NJ, across from the once mighty Garden State Racetrack, all bulldozed, now. It was all part of a “Little Atlantic City” that sprung up around there in the 60s. Well, Dad was gifted these concert tickets and was able to bring Mom and all the kids. We were so excited. The seating was general admission, but of course, we wanted to sit right up front, so, Dad covertly rolls up a bill and slips it to the usher. Naturally, the usher takes us right to the front row. Stephanie Mills was at the height of her fame, having just come off a two year stint on Broadway in “The Wiz”, and we thoroughly enjoyed the show. It wasn’t until after the concert that Dad told us the bill he slipped the usher was a dollar bill. Shady, shady…..