“Love Rollercoaster”

Bored kids can often get into trouble. Somewhere around 5th grade, we started making up cruel games. They usually started out as fun and turned mean. Cops and robbers always amounted to a skinned knee or two, “Baby In The Air” ended with a bloody nose, and “Kill The Man” definitely finished with someone crying and running home. We were a devilish bunch. Suddenly, all those 70s horror and disaster movies started to take their toll. We would play “Omen” and try to hang someone like that evil maid, or play “Carrie” and pour blood all over my sister, poor thing. “Earthquake” was my favorite game. We always played in the kitchen. My brother and sister were the kids and I was the Mom getting ready to serve dinner. “Would you like sauerkraut with you frankfurters?”, I would play act. We would set the table and fill the stove with pots like I was cooking. Suddenly, we would shake the table, knock the chairs over and pin my little sister to the ground. Crying would start. Around this time, I bought “Love Rollercoaster” by The Ohio Players. Legend has it that, around the 1 minute 24 second mark in the song, you can hear someone scream in the far distance. Rumors spread quickly that a girl was attacked in the alley right outside the recording studio and the window was open, so it ended up on the permanent recording. Well, whether it’s true or not, it did become a game for us!
And, I, of course, played the poor girl who was attacked in the alley. I think I my have enjoyed all that carrying on a bit too much 😉