“Sunset People”

Well, who doesn’t love a good bat mitzvah? When you’re 13 years old and living in a heavily Jewish community, it’s only common to get an invite. I got 13 of them! They were all great fun, but no one could top April Abramowitz’s affair!

There was an added bonus besides partying with all your friends-it was 1979 and April’s event was being held in an actual real disco! Of course, we were there in the afternoon, but it was as if I could feel the vibes pulsating through the mirrored walls and lit up glass floor. One could certainly smell the cigarette smoke, and I envied the bartenders “slumming it” til the real party started around midnight. For just a moment, I daydreamed that it was me twirling on the dance floor til all hours of the night….a real disco starlet….pumping and jumping until the dawn’s morning light….if only it were true 😉