“Ballroom Blitz”

When I was in fifth grade, Mrs. Lovoulo realized the heavy rain that morning really did mean no recess today. We were stuck in that classroom for the entire day. I saw that look on her face…..a look of dread and resignation, and cunningly asked if I could run home, grab my 45s, and DJ for the class. She said yes! I must have run the entire way home and back, cause within minutes, I had my Banana Splits record case holder full of music next to the school issued institutional green record player. I started them off with Kansas, “Carry On My Wayward Son”– def didn’t want to go too femmy, and Kansas was a very popular choice with the boys. Next, some Bay City Rollers, and a little Stevie Wonder-everybody likes him. Then, that next record really sent those kids into a frenzy…..”Ballroom Blitz” by Sweet!

“oh, I see a man at the back as a matter of fact
his eyes are as red as the sun!
and the girl in the corner let no one ignore her
cause she thinks she’s the passionate one!”

Oh, yeah! Next thing I knew, the room erupted into a shoving match! See, Bobby Nolan and Chris Kelly never liked each other anyway, and somehow Linda Donahue got punched in the face while they were miming that she “was the passionate one”! Yeesh, even the principal, Mr Bernstein, was called in to breakup the fight. Well, I never got to DJ in class again, but at least I can say we were punk way before it was cool 😉