“Voices Carry”

Some things just seemed sooo important in college! I was a new waver in the mid 80’s, probably goth before there was goth. I wore thrift clothes and “old man shoes” with holes in them, Paisley blazers and moussed hair combed over to one side with all the length of the hair in a hair sprayed swoop. When Til Tuesday appeared on the scene in 1985, I was taken with Aimee Mann’s appearance, the bleached hair cut in a crop with a tail. Then, I saw the music video on mtv-wow! The boyfriend in the video was such a creep! He was a real abuser and misogynyst. Why would someone so cool date him? The video ends with Aimee standing up in the orchestra center seats at the opera and embarrassing her date by proclaiming, “he said shut up! Oh, God, can’t you keep it down!” Well, after seeing that video, I vowed some day to make a scene that big somewhere. And so began my mischievous career of “faking arguments” with friends just to entertain and/or shock all those innocent bystanders.