“Two of Hearts”

Coming out in the 80’s, there was a huge existing movement of gay clone behavior. You know, the dudes with the moustaches, short cropped hair, designer clothes and Polos, like Tom Selleck in “Magnum P.I.” It always disgusted me. I just couldn’t deal. I was a lonely goth kid skulking around the disco petrified-how dare they be happy? Yet, there was a certain charm to their decadence. The great unifier on the dance floor was always the music and that’s where we met in the middle. If it was a good song, we all danced! Well, Stacey Q’s “Two of Hearts” was one of those irresistible little gems. The mid 80s were ripe with teenage girl voices like Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. House music was in its infancy and new wave was over. Somehow, “Two of Hearts” hit that sweet spot between Top 40 and undeniable dance pleasure! John-Michael and I were at our usual spots on Sunday night at Key West with miss Jimmi cruising the disco. Dignity, a Catholic mass for gay folks, had just ended and the party was just beginning! We could see all the regulars: Dr. Scott, a resident at Jefferson, who loved to fake film us as we danced….and Purnell, the displaced Mormon boy from Utah-very confused and very hott. Just then, The Communards “Don’t Leave Me this Way” came on. Realizing we had college studies awaiting us at home, John-Michael looked at me and said, “should we leave e’m this way?” I nodded yes and out into the winter night air we escaped.