“Mr. Jaws”

Sometimes, I gotta wonder, how did I get so goofy? As a kid growing up in the 70’s,we had pop songs like “Mr. Jaws,” that’s how. These comedy songs sampled hit songs of the day to create a story that I found hysterical. They were big hits and I loved them. It was always a challenge to learn all the lyrics and memorize which sliver of a song was coming next. “Mr Jaws, the Captain says he’s gonna catch you? what do you think of that?!? Jive Talkin.” my favorite part is poor Toni Tennile on repeat “I will, I will, I will….” from “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Well, they may seem pointless and frivolous, but these medley songs did make me laugh and, eventually, I used this education to step into the limelight as a director/writer of drag comedy sketches featuring samples of pop music, but we’ll save the story of the Dumpsta Players for another day.