“Love Is Blue”

Soft rock irony is a term I first heard Philly artist Nick Cassaway use. To paraphrase, it’s basically taking a genre of music and all it’s mainstream niceties and assurances and turning them upside down to represent them as subversive. Here’s a place I’ve always been comfortable as an artist. It should come as no surprise, then, that back in 1998, I started spinning my 45 copy of Paul Mauriat’s easy listening instrumental rendition of Eurovison classic “Love Is Blue” at area gigs. And the kids went wild for it! I usually reserved it for very late, maybe a half hour before close so you can catch the dancers at full tilt. I remember one particular summer evening, awash in blue and green lights, a room full of dancers, jumping and twirling, spinning each other in minuet-style period dance, jubilant in their soft rock irony and sufficiently enticed. Off in the corner sat a lone female, recently dumped by her ex, drunk and miserable. Truly, “L’Amour est bleu”…..