“Crazy For You”

Everyone remembers their first slow dance, and mine was set to the soaring sounds of Madonna’s “Crazy For You.” As a gay college kid in the 80s, romance was not so easy to find. There was no internet and the bar scene is where most romances began. I was somewhat petrified of any bars or discos for quite some time but I had the guidance and mentorship of my dear friend, Bili. He was an older bohemian gay man who lived off campus way off in the outskirts of town. He rarely used heat in the winter opting for the layered sweater look while burning candles and playing Joni Mitchell records. He had a flare for drama and was never one to mince on his feelings. We were never lovers, but we did share more than one crush. He was a great dancer and helped build my self-esteeem at a crucial time. Well, we closed Gatsby’s one summer night, and the DJ played a slow song, which rarely happens anymore. We danced together as friends and the comfort I felt in his embrace stayed with me for weeks. Bili was truly a one-of-a-kind friend, and, after he passed away from complications due to Aids, I realized why stars shine so bright. Miss you, Dear Bili and thanks!