“Heaven Is A Place On Earth”

It’s wednesday night at Kurt’s, December, 1987. Kurt’s, the newest gay disco appealing to a chic and discriminating crowd, is packed as open bar is ending and the college crowd is celebrating the end of another semester. John-Michael and I are resting by the gigantic fish tank, momentarily, plotting our next move. Out on the dance floor, a new craze is taking hold that the street kids have brought in from West Philly via New York—vogueing. It’s fabulously theatrical and seems to be catching on with the A-List queens too. Just then, Belinda Carlisle bursts out of the speakers and we rush the dance floor! Yes, this is the gal all the gays love, currently. Even Madonna had to make room for her. Of course, everyone knows the Go-Go’s medley will come on next, and, as “We Got The Beat” kicks in, the crowd is cheering in a frenzy. Right then and there, I knew I wanted to be a DJ.