Well, Miss Toni Basil, I think I know exactly what you are singing about!! Who died and crowned you Liza?? Even as a 15-year-old closeted gay, I could figure out what you were trying to say….straight girls could wait forever for a gay boy….

I was the Mickey at my school in 11th grade. You know, the guy who always had a dozen girls hanging around, especially at the dances at the gym. I remember one year going all New Wave. I streaked my hair green and put on a wide striped shirt and skinny tie.  My girlfriend was Didi, so she always had the last dance, but Miriam, Cheryl, Kathy, Jenn, and Heidi all got their dances too. I guess I was the safe date that the Moms all loved cause I was a lot of fun and there was NO chance I wanted sex with any of these girls. Most of the straight boys had a mix of admiration and jealousy for me. How come it was so easy for me to talk to these girls? Of course, what they did not know was how hard it was for me to talk to them… well,  just please, don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful 😉