“We Don’t Talk Anymore”

Ah, yes….roller skating music! In the early 80s, Friday nights were reserved for roller-skating with my best high school bud, Jenn! Jenn could roller skate backwards, so I was always a bit jealous. I did have one awesome trick I could do, and “We Don’t Talk Anymore” was the song I waited for so I could show off. In the middle of the chorus, there’s a crescendo of synths that erupt in Cliff hitting a high note, and I realized I could jump in the air off my skates and land safely without a trip to the emergency ward! This was a trick I perfected over time and was always a head turner at the roller rink. I think I even managed to get a free soda and pizza from one well wisher once 😉 Years later, when I started attending all gay roller skating events, I had to think up new tricks to impress the gay crowd 😉