“Hello, I Love You”

Is that The Doors from 1965 0r 1991? Well, that’s when the Oliver Stone biopic starring Val Kilmer opened in theatres. And, wow, did that flick have an effect on me! I mean, I was definitely into pics of young Jim Morrison, those gorgeous long locks and all, but Val Kilmer took it to another level! The whole psychedelic mystique was the perfect escape from the early 90’s AIDS epidemic and various recessions. I credit the film with my entire makeover that year-long hair, ripped jeans, Doc Martin boots, and I even got a job at a leather store just long enough to earn a Leather Biker jacket. The whole ensemble looked amazing while walking into Olde City after hours club, Revival. So, thanks Jim Morrison, or should I say Val Kilmer?? Either dreamboat would do 😉