“Run, Joey, Run”

The 70s were full of story songs that seemed to get wackier as the decade progressed. There was “Seasons In The Sun”, “The Night Chicago Died” and “Billy, Don’t Be A Hero.” My hands down favorite had to be “Run, Joey, Run”. Being a little kid growing up in a straight world meant a lot of time daydreaming in a fantasy world. This song took me there in spades. I would hole up in my bedroom, playing this 45 over and over, lypsynching all the roles. “Daddy please don’t…we’re gonna get married…”
I both identified with the song’s hero, Joey, and the temptress, Julie. I wanted to be both of these tragic characters at the same time. I also didn’t understand why someone’s Dad would stand in the way of the lovers’ true happiness. Maybe this was the beginning of comprehending that not all couples were accepted in this world, least of all, gay folks.
Later, in college, I got my chance to perform this song in a lip synch battle at the Homecoming Variety Show. Miriam played Julie and my boyfriend Scott played the evil Father. The audiences cheered like crazy at the sheer goofiness of it all. We won second place and earned a prize of $75. Not bad for some theatre geeks in a little town New Jersey college.