“Making Love Out of Nothing At All”

In the summer of 1983, I was a just a closet case, recent high school graduate, working at McDonald’s in Ocean City, NJ and constantly being bullied for acting gay. To blow off steam, I used to walk the unpopulated section of the boardwalk late at night staring at the ocean and singing songs. Some of the more dramatic pop hits that summer included coded Aussie duo Air Supply. Of course, their power ballads sung in a high tenor soared into my brain and supported my gradual blossoming. Their last big Top 40 hit was decidedly their most dramatic-a Jim Steinman ballad, “Making Love Out of Nothing At All”. I thought about this song and wondered, would I ever fall in love with a guy? How would that complicate my life? Was it worth the risks? With little or no one to confide in, I maintained a closet door firmly shut closed. Years later, Jenn and I frequented Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson, NJ to catch the half off after 4pm deal and a free concert to boot. Air Supply was playing and we were so excited. Amidst the mosh pit of 40 something Moms, ahem, we found a spot up close where we could see the strain of 25 years of touring on these performers. Suddenly, the guitarist threw his guitar in the air in some kind of macho rock God way. It promptly came crashing down on him, kinda like the way the closet door can be pried open.