“It’s A Sin”

1986, now there’s an interesting year, and by interesting, I mean difficult. I was a college kid barely out of the closet and trying to reconcile my sexual preference with my strict Catholic upbringing. i went to Dignity, which was Catholic mass for gay people, often presided over by a closeted gay priest. It was all rather confusing, but, in the midst of it, I befriended the Divine Miss Jimmi! This qween would raise up his hands during the blessing of the bread and proclaim “Evita!” I really did not know how to handle her, so I just laughed. With my college roomie, John-Michael, we struck up a life long friendship that steered through the Titanic-sized icebergs of the 80s….all those young men we lost to the terrible disease with the little name…AIDS….I remember our first New Year’s Eve together reenacting “The Posiedon Adventure” at midnight! Miss Jimmi was a damn good Belle Rosen. it’s all we could do to deal with all the grief.