“Fox On The Run”

On Christmas Eve 1976, i was an 11-year-old boy holed up at my family’s owned and run flower shop waiting for my parents to finish filling a long exhaustive list of orders on this, their 3rd biggest holiday of the year. It was really cold and I had gotten sick, so going on 11pm was hardly the place any kid wanted to be on Christmas Eve. At last, they finished their orders and we jumped in the car on our way home. That Christmas had been a particularly busy one and naturally “Santa,” ahem, my Dad, was not able to deliver the goods on time. So, my Dad realized that two guys was open until midnight, for what ungodly reason, I do not know, those poor cashiers…..but, we ran in the door a little after 11pm. The store was a disheveled mess, and any person left in that space was truly on his last leg. Suddenly, Dad handed each of us 25 bucks and said, “you got 15 minutes and then the sleigh is headed back to the North Pole. Go!” My brother and I split up, fully knowing what we really wanted and which aisle we thought it might be on….oh, damn! They’re out of Stratego! crap, no Spirograph for me—too nerdy. I settled on Connect Four, Trouble with Popomatic, and a rad new set of Matchbox cars! Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Mystery Date game, where you get to go on dates with hot guys who look like David Cassidy or Lance Kerwin. I really wanted that game…I actually touched it for a minute, but I knew i could never bring that game home. Just then my sister flew by me and I suggested she buy it. She did. That was the best damn Christmas present I never got 😉